Just posting this for my dA webcam

22 07 2011



30 03 2011

Yup. I’m gonna stop posting here, FOREVER! There’s no stopping me, because I’ve made another blog xD Here it is.
I’ve quit Club Penguin since a long time now, and am never gonna go back. Ever. It’s been fun!
Ciao! ~Scoot~


30 10 2010

Uh, hi.. sorry for taking so long to update XD I’ve been on deviantART all the time now and completely forget about my site XD Im glad Im still getting views but I know MOST of you peoples are passers by…. lol……….nothin to update about…. I like chicken… and bacon…. OH! And its halloween tomorrow! YAYYAYAYYAY!! Im not too old.. Its awesome and gothic and creepy and all that shit


Mario video

6 03 2010

hi, i watched this the other night and thought all you would like to watch it! enjoy! 🙂

Credit goes to Video Games Directors Cut (VGDC)


17 02 2010

ATTENTION!!!! I’m on deviantART!!!! woohoo!


YAY!!! lookie at my stuff… random as ever… nothing for sale coz I’m a cheapskate…

New Scoot image!

5 02 2010



30 01 2010

ok… this is a lil late but

I’m Moon Child… I actually might let the comic strip I wrote do the talking… 😀 (this reads backwards like a real manga so <<< that way)

(you don’t need to listen to the song but it helps grip my personality and my fav singer – Emilie Autumn… she pretends to be a lunatic, shes pretty good at it! im part of her fan club – the Asulum Army and i got a kiss and a signed concert ticket from her minions… Veronica, Contessa and Aprella!!! Bristol 2010 Asylum tour opening night!!!! I WAS THERE… *cough* hehe)